MSc, PhD 
Lab Manager
Post-doctoral Researcher


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Despoina Vassou, holds a M.Sc. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. degree in Experimental Medicine, has participated as a postdoctoral fellow in several biomedical research projects. She is trained in a broad spectrum of methodologies and she has developed considerable expertise in genomic methodologies and data analysis. She works in IMBB-FORTH since 2010, and during this time she has developed and established several technologies and methodologies, including single cell analysis, NGS methodologies and applications, 3rd Gen long read single cell sequencing and ancient DNA analysis specialized protocols. She has been a member of the IMBB Genomics Facility for more than two years. She has received training in ancient DNA analysis from the Centre for GeoGenetics, National Museum of Denmark. She supervised the establishment of the ancient DNA in IMBB and, since 2016, she is the manager of the Ancient DNA lab of IMBB.








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