1. Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Psonis N., Vardinoyannis K., & Poulakakis N. "High-throughput degraded DNA sequencing of subfossil shells of a critically endangered stenoendemic land snail in the Aegean", Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution, 175 (2022) 107561 (get paper here)
  2. Psonis N., Vassou D., Nicolaou L., Roussiakis S., Iliopoulos G., Poulakakis N., & Sfenthourakis S., "Mitochondrial sequences of the extinct Cypriot pygmy hippopotamus confirm its phylogenetic placement", Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, (2021) zlab089 (get paper here)
  3. Nafplioti Α., "Μoving forward: Strodium isotope mobility research in the Aegean", Mediterranean Archaeology and Archaeometry, 21:2 (2021): 165-179, (get paper here)
  4. Staikou V., Sianis D.P., Vassou D., Psonis N., Allentoft M., & Iliopoulos G., "Middle Helladic Tombs at Nydri Plain, Lefkas Island. An Archaeological and Paleoanthropological Study", Journal of Greek Archaeology, 6 (2021): 43–59, (get paper here)
  5. Psonis N., Vassou D. &  Kafetzopoulos D., "Testing a series of modifications on genomic library preparation methods for ancient or degraded DNA", Analytical Biochemistry, 623 (2021) 114193 (get paper here)
  6. Psonis Ν., de Carvalho C.N., Figueiredo S., Tabakaki E., Vassou D., Poulakakis N. & Kafetzopoulos D., "Molecular identification and geographic origin of a post-Medieval elephant finding from southwestern Portugal using high-throughput sequencing", Scientific Reports, 10 (2020) 19252 (get paper here)


2. Conference proceedings

  1. Tabakaki E., &  Kafetzopoulos D., “Heritage considerations and challenges from ancient DNA analysis: a preliminary approach expanding from the Greek legal and ethical network”, in Proceedings IMaTTe 2017 International conference on the values of tangible heritage, Lisbon, May 29-30, 2017. LNEC: Lisboa. ISBN 9789724922959 
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